10 tips for cycling in cold weather.


As we rode ourselves and trained a lot of athletes that needed to keep riding even when there is snow outside, we gathered 10 tips for cycling in cold weather on hot to enjoy riding in winter, staying warm and comfortable, which we think is a wonderful season to enjoy on bike and stay fit for your summer goals too!


So here is selections of tips we crafted for you, if you suffer with riding comfortably in cold:


  • Mudguards. Even small tail under your seat will help a lot. Less cold water you get onto body, longer it will stay warm.
  • Running. When your feet gets really really cold, get of bike and run for 30sec, it will get blood flow to your feet and will warm up.
  • Thermo bidon. They are not expensive, but sip of warm drink mid ride will fell amazing. Go for some tea with honey for extra energy. Since you burn more calories to stay warm… You can find some for good price at Evelo Store here
  • Clothing. Its obvious you need proper gear to ride in winter, but quality gear realy makes the difference. Don’t overdress as well. What seems impossible, but you can do it even when there is snow outside. Best to choose winter outer layer that breathes but is water resistant like Gore-Tex. If you overdress, you will get sweaty fast and when you will slow down, you will get cold real fast as you will be all wet out in winter…
  • High cadence. Do 20sec high cadence effort once in a while if you start getting cold, it will rise your heart rate and make you warmer by bringing more blood to legs.
  • Forrest. Choose places to ride where your average speed will be slower, but watts the same, at slower speed you will have less wind coming at you and will be warmer. Forrest is great place to stay warm.
  • Fatty cream. If your knees and face gets cold at rides, beforehand apply some fatty cream to area, Nivea will work just fine.
  • Food. It’s easy to bonk in cold, because your body burns more calories to keep body warm. So fuel up properly and bring more food on rides that you would do in summer.
  • Weather app. Always check weather in areas around, not where you are at. Check 2-3 locations around you, and you might find that changing general direction of your ride might save you from bad day.
  • Full gas. Hey, if nothing helps, you can always ride harder and that will do it all!


Hopefully some of our 10 tips for cycling in cold weather stuck with you and will make your next ride more enjoyable!

Stay fit this winter my friends!

If you have any questions or want to take your fitness to next level, you can click here and contact us!



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